Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Pig For Friendship

Guess what? My good friend Mukta Cholette and I just self-published our first children's book:  
"A Pig for Friendship."  

Three years ago Mukta approached me about illustrating a story that she had written.  Since we both had the long-time dream of one day publishing a children's book, it was the perfect opportunity to give it a try as a collaborative effort.  So three years (of a lot of work) later, we now have fresh-off-the-press hardback copies in front of us.  It's surreal!   This truly is a home-grown grass-roots venture.  Aside from the actual printing of the book, every other aspect has been, and is being done my Mukta and myself.  It's quite a labor of love :)

We are looking to our friends, family, local community, and strangers to be our readers and supporters of the book.  The book will be sold at local book stores, events and release parties, and online at Etsy.  *This coming Saturday we'll be doing a book signing event with an urban farm in Long Beach, CA: Farm Lot 59.   There will also be fresh eggs, artisinal ice cream, and maybe some real pig and chicken friends.  We can't wait!   and hopefully we'll be able to do more relevant and local events like this in the coming months.  We are open to ideas and suggestions!

If you're interested in reading about and seeing more images from the book, here are a few links:

The book is currently being sold on Etsy:  Pig for Friendship Etsy Shop

Facebook page... for news, promotions, and pics:

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